Compartment syndrome


I have a question about compartment syndrome. My mom has now had severe pain in her legs now for 2 years. They attributed this pain to bakers cysts. Did surgery in April of 2003. She felt relief for about 2mths. Then the pain came back different the beginning of July 2003. She is now in the process of being diagnosed with compartment syndrome, along with muscle atrophy that she developed because not being able to excercise due to the pain of walking/excercising. She went to a Ortho sports doc and he didn’t do the pressure test but told her if she had c/s her calves would be severly tight upon touch. She went to another dr. a rehab sports med dr. that still wants her to have the pressure test done & a circul. test done. She has been tested for everything in the book (except compartment syndrome) Has anyone heard of your calves feeling hard by touch of the hand. She also feels this pain when she walks, and the pain when at rest but not as intense. She also has cold feet and cold spots on her legs. I have massaged her and this seems to help some, I think because I stretch the sheath. Her pain is mostly located in her shins and calves. She was very active before this all happened. Also on the pressure testing do they test EACH compartment? So then you would actually get stuck with the needle a LOT MORE? anyone please give me some insight! Thanks! you can also email us at either or

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