Compartment Syndrome or Something Else?

Hi Everyone,

I love to run, but my running days have been spotty at best. I can normally go for a couple days after a long lay-off of running and only for short distances before my mid calf (on either leg) pulls or strains me into a walk. The location of this pull/strain is in the mid calf area on the bottom right or bottom left on the right or left leg respectively.

About two months ago, I was runnning (carefully) for about 5 miles a day for two weeks, but one day one of the legs strained again and was forced to walk home.

Several years back, I used to train for triathlons and do remember after the bike and during the run my calf would get real tight which forced me to stop and stretch or now that I am learning about compartment syndrome let the fluids drain before resuming the run portion of the race.

I have been playing tennis for the last 5 years and noticed that it started around this time (the calf strains).

I do not normally have a problem with playing tennis only when I run. I dont have a problem when I work out on the bike either. I will say after a very tough workout for tennis, I had a calf pull recently from bouncing on my toes for volleys. I went down hard for probably the worst calf pull I have ever experienced.

The other calf strains I am usually over in about a day or two before I can resume playing tennis or doing another activity like cycling.

It is really weird it primarily happens on my right outside lower gastro muscle but on occasion it happens on the left leg in the same area.

Any help is grateful.

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    Although you may feel able to carry on playing tennis or running a few days after a calf strain, you may be doing more damage.

    I’ve done the same thing, but recently got told that calf strains take from 6-8 weeks to fully heal.

    My advice would be to stick to the bike or other non-impact exercise while your calf muscle sorts itself out.


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