complications of 1st metatarsal bone spur excision

I was just wondering if you could give me another opinion on this please.
I had surgery a couple of months ago to remove a bone spur on my first metarsal bone.
Ever since the surgery I have had problems and pain from it.
It is swollen on the top of my foot near where the excision was and also on the place of the actual excision.
The pain is so bad that I cannot wear some of my shoes now.
The doctor on the first follow-up visit said that everything would be soon be fine and I could start running again, because I am a cross-country runner, but it has never stopped hurting enough for me to be able to run without pain.
On another follow-up when it still had not gone down or stopped hurting he told me that he thought my body was resisting to let a stitch dissolve that he had put under the skin upon removal.
For this, he injected the swollen part with steroids to try and take the swelling down.
That did not work at all either and so the last time that I went to him a week ago, he prescribed me with orthotics.
He is hoping that the orthotics will give me support under my arch, and cause it to stop hurting so severely.
At this point, I am not sure if anything is going to make it stop hurting, and he basically told me that I was going to have to live with that second bump, or “soft tissue swelling” as he says, for the rest of my life.
Could you please give me your opinion on what this sounds like to you, and how I could make my foot feel slightly more normal again?
Thanks so much.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I know I sound like a broken record, but to see is to know not to see is to guess. I would need to see your foot and X rays preferably before and after to give you an opinion. Since I do not know where you live let me suggest that you go either to the American Podiatric Medical Association website apma and look for another podiatrist in your area. Then maybe you can get answers.


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