complications post lumbar fusion

Eight months ago (oct 2005) I had a lumbar fusion L4-s1 with some complications including a screw that would not anchor well and was eventually removed at that level. When I woke from the 7 hour surgery I had no sensation below my right knee and not movement of my foot or toes.
I am now walking with a AFO and a walker (still the walker due to frequent falling) I have continued to have a pain problem although I have reduced my narcotic medication since surgery I have only reduced down to the level I was at before the surgery which is discouraging. The neurosurgeon had me have another MRI with and without contrast and it seems I got the report and the DVD of the films before he has. A few of the notations stumped me:”enhancement around the thecal sac as well as in the dorsal paraspinal soft tissues particularly along the lower erector spinae muscles”and”annular straightening at L3-L4″and …this is the last I promise”Disc dessication and facet hypertrophy at L4-5″ The way I understood it was that that disc was removed and the bones fused.
How can the disc be dessicated?Can anyone decipher this and does it give any indication as to the reason of 1)my nerve root damage at those levels and 2) the reason I have so much pain, particularly straight leg pain down the back, buttock and thigh?

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    I know how you feel, fusion 9 weeks ago. Pain is worse now than before surgery and I went to my surgeon today for xrays and guess what…same disc that was fused had started to rupture out again…HELP!!! Only option is more surgery


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