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I have been having back trouble for a month now.
I don’t know how it began but I had very painful lower back and right middle back.
The chiropractor adjusted both and told me I had “popped” a rib and sprained by lower back. After more than three weeks I still found walking very painful.
My hips and upper legs hurt and felt and I was told it was just soreness from walking differently during the back pain. I was not convinced.
It really hurt when walking or sleeping and I often felt nerve pain as well.
I went to a physiotherapist 1 day before my holidays.
He said I had a compressed spine and spent a few hours adjusting it, stretching it and giving me exercises. Another week has passed and I am now scheduled to see my doctor and the pain continues.
I can hardly walk.
What should I ask for? (xray, bone density, etc.?) I am only taking ibuprofen for pain.
Should I be concerned about osteoporosis or any other disorder?



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    Hi, I have had back pain, excrutiating pain in my lower back since October 2018,I went to 4 different doctors, and not one of them wanted to send me for x-rays….they send me to physiotherapist and massotherapist, none seemed to work so finally I decided to go see a chiropractor, he did some work with me while I was enduring my pain and finally now I am a lot better. I still have pain that I can endure now but compare to what I had before it is nothing. My family doctor did send me for x-rays and a CT scan, on them it showed compressed vertabrae,3 of them in my lower back. Then she did send me to an oncologist doctor and he did a bone marrow test and all came out OK, so now they are assuming that it is osteoporosis. I am on Miacalcin medication for that and I do take Naproxen medication also for the pain. My family doctor is going to send me to a osteoporosis specialist. I hope that my story is helpful, I am 54 yrs old, and it is hard for me to understand all of this cause I have always had my dairy product and I was taking calcium vitamins with vitamin D since the age of 35, so what does all of this mean??? I have been reading a lot on the internet about osteo, and one women in 2 get it…. I do wish you the best and take care!


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