Compressed vertebra

I lifted a heavy box about a week ago.Didn’t hurt at the time. Next day I was in a lot of pain, since then it’s a kind of dull pain in the lower back area.
If I sit in the same position for a while then get up I get a shooting pain in the back and reduced mobility.Met a friend who is training to be a doctor and he said it sounded like a compressed vertebra and it would get better by itself and I need just to take painkillers.any advice?thanksJ

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    Dr Anthony Gambale

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    Dear Julian,A compressed vertebra is a serious condition. A compressed vertebra is a broken vertebra. You would want to be evaluated by a medical doctor or a chiropractor to understand if it is compressed and way.You can also fell free to visit our web site for more helpful information Kind regards Dr Anthony Gambale 877-602-7248Curve Solutions Team


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