Compression fracture

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My MRI shows shadowing below the talus and have recently had a CT scan.
I see my Dr.(GP) about results next week………
I am wearing an air cast when ever I go out and this seems to control the swelling….
I have been limping around for almost 6 months(went over on right ankle in October)….
I have an appointment to see Orthopedic Surgen for late JUNE….
I am getting a little tired of limping around….
If surgery is needed, could you tell me what is done for a compression fracture and how much longer would I be off my feet?…..
Inactivity and weight gain = depression!
Thanks for your time.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    As much as I wish I could tell you, I do not have enough information to give you any recommendations. Your orthopedist should be able to further clarify the treatment plan. Write down your questions before your visit.Goood luck.


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    You might want to look at a new invention on webbslegsling. The leg sling supports your foot a few inches above the ground and lets you be non-weight bearing while you’re on crutches. The mid-section is elastic, so you can put down your foot if you have to. Makes getting around a lot easier.


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