Concerns about bunion surgery

I’m planning on having surgery later this year, both feet w/ a couple weeks in between. I have very pronounced bunions- the comment from my podiatrist is that he’s never seen them so large on someone so young. (24)I’ve heard all the horror stories about it being so painful that people don’t go back to get the second one done. I will be in a situation where I will be off of work and will be completely cared for. I haven’t gotten the chance to consult with the surgeon yet but was wondering about the pain. Would there be an option for a stronger pain killer, even if it knocks me out a little, since someone will be there to care for me? Any advice or stories from people who have had this done would be most helpful. Mine will be the surgery where part of the bone section is taken out then the joint realigned and straightened out. Please help me out here!

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    From my perspective as a surgeon, I will say that patients all experience pain differently. I could fill up pages with all sorts of experiences I have had. I often tell patients that everyone is an expert on someone elses body. I remember when I was pregnant with my first child, strange women would come up to me and begin to tell me (unsolicited, I might add) stories of their pregnancy and labor and deliver. As you can well imagine the stories ranged from it was no big deal to it was horrible. Needless to say, you should discuss your concerns with your surgeon. Get all your questions answered by who is going to do your surgery. As far as pain meds go, I discuss this with patients and together we decide on what is best for them. The most important thing you can do for yourself is be as informed as you can so you do not experience the unexpected.


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