Consistent knee pain

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during a soccer game i went to turn to kick the ball up field and the lower half of my leg stayed in place and the upper half turned with me. i heard, and felt, a pop/crack. later in the game i was tackled from behind which made it worse. i have been playing on it for about 3 months now, with some rest but its not getting better. i thought that i was starting to get better, then i started basketball again. the pain has never been this bad and no medication works. i dont want to go to a doctor for fear that i could be out of soccer and basketball for the season. anyone that has had this problem or something similar please help.

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    Carissa – got to a doctor. get an MRI.
    Information=peace of mind.
    This thing obviously isn’t getting better (and it won’t by itself) – particularly if it’s a tear of the meniscus (cartilage “shock absorber” between the femur (upper leg) and tibia (lower leg) bones). Actually – there is a thin layer of “Articular cartilage” at the ends of each of these bones with the meniscus between. If you tore your meniscus (which it sounds somwhat like you may have done considering the turn you describe) – a piece of the meniscus will rub against the articular cartilege and cause irritation (that mey not necessarily be felt while simply walking). Over time – this will wear down the (very important and irrepairable) articular cartilege) and NEVER GET BETTER. I’ve had this (in addition to various knee ligament strains thanks to a long soccer career) and a simple “scope” operation corrected the problem. It took a half hour and I was on crutches for a week. It’s now been 2 months and I’m playing ball again (albeit once a week). I suggest that you address this immediately. You can sit out a few months now – rather than end your career early and face total-knee replacemnt later.
    Don’t fool around with the knees!
    Go see a doctor – he may prescribe some rest and ice/heat for a few months….It may be nothing serious at all! But you’ll never know until you make an appt!
    Good luck with the knee (I feel your pain!)


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    You might have torn something in your knee, maybe ligaments or cartiledge. If you have done then it would still be hurting now. Either way, you should still go and see a doctor; missing this season would be bad but you could do yourself permenant damage


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