I am a 66 year old male runner. I was ranked number two in my age group in the Winter and Spring season in the Washington Running Report (not to brag but to indicate that running is important to me). However, I have been experiencing continuing injuries to my legs prior to and during the aforementioned periods, and even more so lately, preventing me from getting in the required number of races to continue to be ranked. During races I have the propensity to pull something loose in my legs (various locations) causing me to stop in many cases. These injures, then result in internal bleeding and take me out of doing the needed training runs. I recently ran the Kennsington 8K and it took me over three minutes longer than it did last year. These injuries have resulted to the back of both legs and in different areas. I have been able to keep myself in some type of shape by using Elliptical machines and by doing other cross training; however, the next time I race I may or may not be able to complete it. I usually run for about 15 minutes prior to a race and then do some stretching. I have also experienced problems with calf stains (I think that is what it was).

Any advice of how to stop this from happening (besides going to bed for the remainder of my life)? Is there a super running doctor in the D.C./Nothern Virginia area that I should see?

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