corn toes

Hi I have corns on four toes and I try every thing and they wont go away. I have been to the Podiatrist and he tells me if removed they will reoccur.
I am not able to wear slippers because I am too embarrased.
I would like to know if these corn can be removed for good. Its on my two little toes, the toes next to my little toe and the middle toe.
I would appreciate your earliest response.
Thank you

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Corns are due to the underlying bone causing the skin above to rub in shoes. If one is wearing the wrong shoe for their foot, then sometimes changing is all that is needed. Trimming corns does not sure them. Surgery to remove the underlying bone is indicated when relief is shortlived. You might consider talking to another podiatrist.


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