CORNS in African Americans (keloid? hammer toe?)

I am a healthy African American female student in my early 20’s.
However, I suffer from corns.
Years ago I would try to treat them myself with over-the-counter corn removers such as Dr. Scholls.
I have found that these products only made my feet look worse, and the corns look like keloid scars.
Is it possible to get these removed so that my feet will look normal again?
Also, since I have a corn (keloid corn?)on every toe except the big toe, is it possible that I may suffer from hammer toe?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Corns are a result of the underlying bone pushing into the skin and causing friction from rubbing. The skin responds by thickening for protection. A keloid is an enlarged scar that extends beyond the original boundaries. It comes from a greek word that means claw. This is somewhat greater than a hypertrophic scar. You should see a podiatrist for an evaluation of your situation and discuss your options.


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