Cortazone Shots in the Knee-please reply!

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i’m 17 years old and ihave really bad tendonitis in both of my knees…first they thought i had Chondromalacia Patella then the Oshgdschloters(sorry i can’t spell that) but now they justs ay i have a little fluid on my knees and tendonitis…my doctor recommends me going to get cortazone shots in them both and i am really nervious…has anyone had them before? i am always in constant pain, to the point where it’s hard to walk up/down steps and if i’m sitting, i just don’t want to stand up cuz it hurts too bad for the inbetween of sitting and standing. Anyways, if you could let me know everything about your experiance and or anything else..that would be soo great. Thank you !

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    Well I have had 3 in my bad elbow. They aren’t pleasent. The first one worked for about 6 mnths. Felt great, then it wore off so in for another one and that lasted 4 mnths felt good, the back to pain so in for one more and that lasted 2mnts and now I am in more pain that ever. I need surgery to repair the tear in my elbow. The cort shot accelerated the scar tissue development.

    I would recommend them as a last resort or get one and go thru PT to fix the problem. Cort shots are not a fix but an aid to aleeve pain to help the healing process.

    Good luck.


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    yeah, i get ultrasounds every timei go in to see my doctor and she gave me a tenes unit but i don’t use it cuz all it does is hurt me. the injections basically are the last resort. about how many times until the rupture is very easy to come across?…what do thye feel like and what do they do??


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    I would suggest cortisone shots only as a last resort. Have you tried other more conservative treatments such as physical therapy, oral antiinflammatory meds, or activity modification.

    The problem with cortisone shots, is that they can weaken the tendon which could lead to a rupture later on. This normally occurs when the shots are repeated frequently.


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