Cortisone injection

I had a cortisone injection last weekend in my ankle. I had my injury diagnosed as a ligament pinch below my ankle bone.

I had the injection last friday, does anyone know when i can get back to training my doctor didnt say, just that he would see me in 3 weeks. I have already been out for 9 weeks

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    The tricky thing about cortisone is that is it gets the swelling down which makes you feel really great and makes you want to return to training right away. Take it slow and remember that cortisone probably eliminated some of the pain but did not treat or eliminate the root cause of the pain. Take the time to heal, enjoy the pain-free days, and follow your doctor’s advice on a plan for returning to your sport. If the doctor hasn’t given you a timeline or a plan, by all means ask for some guidance from them! Good luck!


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