Cortisone shot not working

I recently received a cortisone shot in my wrist on what my orthopedist said was a triangular ligament that was underneath my ulna and all that.
I got it five days ago and I feel no better.
He says that it is a sprained wrist and I did all the things that he instructed and it doesn’t do anything.
I am an athlete and this is killing me!!!

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    I have been struggling with a torn bicep muscle..have been doing physiso for past 4 months..had a cortisone shot injuected into the muscle on Jan ll and the pain is more severe to the point of tears daily.. Doc said it would take 4 wks to feel effects.. I have been icing it, using heat, tylenol.. why is the pain so severe. I thought it was to reduce infammation and ease pain… I am a very active 50 yr old female, injury happened playing women’s competitive hoceky, I am emotionally and physiclally burned out waiting for results as the arm has become useless and now have numbness and tingling in the hand … what would you recommend I do???


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