Cost of treating reverse curve in neck?

Recently,a chiropractor gave me free x-rays and a consultation. When reviewing the x-rays, he said that I had a reverse curve in my neck and a zero degree atlas bone. I have always suffered from ADD and bad headaches–he said that the atlas bone was probably the cause. He also told me that he could treat it in 3 sessions a wk for 12 weeks for a total of $1,200.Is this reasonable/should it cost this much? Do I need the treatment?

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    Dr Anthony Gambale

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    Dear Alicia As a chiropractor my self I would tell you that 3 visits a week for 12 weeks would be the very minimum you would need for the type of problems you have described.You can save some time and money if you visit our web site that has all the information you need.You can also benefit from our products visit as online http Kind regards Dr Anthony Gambale


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