Im 16 years old and for a year now Id been having costcondritis. They took me X-Rays and done cardio check ups and the doctor tells me my heart and lungs are ok and not to worry, but I still worry about it because it hurts on my chest wall (left) and I think is it my heart? and my doctor sais it’s not that it’s ok, not to worry. so can you please tell me it’s not dangerous, it will really help me relax if just one more doctor told me it’s ok! -thanks

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    I have been diagnosed with costocondritis for severe pain in the chest and left arm etc… what doesnt seem to be accounted for is the dizzyness and generall slowness of my reactions. The episode occured 7 hours into a flight. Could this be from the fright or just delayed and severe jet-lag? With the pain now under control with anti-inflamatory/pain killers, I still feel pressure on my chest. However not being able to stand or do anything for more than 1 hour or so is what I find most frustrating. Its been 5 days now. When will this feeling go away?


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