Could I have a dislocated rib?

A couple months ago I was learning a new pole dancing trick.
Shortly thereafter I did pilates and while laying on my back on the pilates machine I noticed that my rib area under where my breasts are is higher on one side than the other.
I’d never noticed that before and don’t know if it’s normal.
Then more recently I have noticed some sort of pain near my left breast (the side that is higher) and my back feels a little funny. Nothing is extremely painful though, just sort of uncomfortable. And I still have this higher on the left than the right appearance on my lower chest.
It seems like the tenderness has come after I did a bunch of weight lifting involving chest and back muscles.Could I have dislocated a rib?
I’m worried it could be something worse.
I don’t feel any breast lumps, but I’m no doctor.

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    It is a possibility. I suspect you probably have some curvature in the spine. See a chiropractor to have your posture checked.


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