Could this be a joint problem?

I have had some swelling and pain in my outer ankle for about 3 weeks.
I did not injure it that I can remember.
Xrays are clear.
The swelling has decreased greatly, but the ankle continues to pop, like when you crack your knuckle or your knee or elbow pops.
Could this be something in the joint.
I was told that I have a torn ligament and have gotten treatment.
But this continues to pop all throughout the day.
It seems like the pain subsides, just to get worse again.
Any suggestions…. I have had an xray and been examined by 3 different doc’s.
No problem with the bone was found at all, no break, dislocation, ect.
Is there anything that could be wrong with the joint itself that does not show up on an xray.
Any advice would be greatly appriciated..
Thank you !!

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    A MRI might show something going on with the peroneal tendons. This is often overlooked in ankle injuries. This is often overlooked.


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