Cracking your neck…

is it alright that I can crack my neck several times in a row? it feels great once its done but I used to never be able to, now I can no problem. and the worst part is, I’ve been having lower back pain for the past few months and now this… what could be my problem?

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    i know chiropractors recommend for you to not crack your neck. The simply truth is that it does result in realignment of your neck, but most people perform the motion in an irregular, unsafe manner which causes undue strain on the neck muscles and poses the risk of injury. Getting to the root of a neck problem requires a thorough examination of your entire physical structure. But from the top, the obvious fix is to practice good posture at all times. Your ears should always sit above your shoulders, and your shoulder blades should be pulled down and back. Also, I think that most people don’t know how bad a typical pillow can be on your neck and shoulders. Your head should not be elevated…it’s equivalent to standing with your head tucked forward for 6-9 hours everyday.Same goes for your lower back. Problems could arise from hip misalignments, simple over exertion, etc. Whatever the case, you need to practice good posture at all times. This includes the use (and strengthening) of ab muscles to relieve some work on your lower back.Hope this helps


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