Crazy Ankle Pain — but not an ankle sprain!

For the past couple weeks I have been experiencing a weird pain in my ankle joint… here are the symptoms:

1) Pain during active & passive & resisted plantarflexion. Hurts the most when I jump, still hurts when I plantarflex using my hand to guide movement. I can’t do calf raises when I’m lifting weights because it hurts too much.

2) I feel the pain deep on the lateral side of the ankle joint POSTERIOR to the lateral malleolus. Sorta underneath the achilles tendon but a little to the left.

3) The pain can be severe when I jump but doesn’t hurt when I run. It is fairly isolated to the area I mentioned in ‘2’ but radiates upwards slightly.

4) No visible swelling, redness or feeling of heat.

5) I have no specific history of an ankle injury on that foot and I think that this began after I started playing squash a couple of times per week.

If anyone has heard of this before or has any ideas, please let me know! I can’t even begin to think about which ligament or tendon I could be hurting during this movement… my best guess is the posterior lateralmaleolus ligament… but it hurts too much think!



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