Crushed Foot

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15 years ago I crushed my foot in an industrial accident.
I almost lost the foot.
I have now bone spurs and arthritus in every joint of the foot.
It causes a great deal of pain and I must take alot of narcotics to make it to work.
I was trying to find a full length carbon fiber insert.
Do they make something like that?
I would like to know if theyare available to purchase?
Thank you very much.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    If you are looking for a carbon graphite orthotic, most every podiatrist knows what this is. I would recommend you see a podiatrist who can evaluate you for either a Richie type brace or an Arizone type brace.


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      Most painful thing. I had a crushed foot too, and it took an awful long time. But then when I was trying to survive after the foot was crushed, I was beaten and left to die, too. What do you think of that, eh?
      Doctors are not too good with things that don’t go the way they want them to.things that happen after a person is screwed up, and they show no regard for saftety. hypocrites. unbelievable pain in foot that’s it.


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