Crushed heel Injury

My heel was crushed when a 1000 lb side by side ATV rolled over onto my left foot. This accident happened Sept 16,07. Cat scan revealed no broken bones. The outside of the heal sustained a circular blow out, much like a squashed grape, and required 5-6 stitches. The attending ER Dr. was concerned that the stitches might not hold because the flesh was like “Hamburger”.At present, the foot is still swollen in the area of the ankle which is very stiff. When the ankle is below my waste for longer than 90 seconds it starts throbbing intensely and is only relieved with elevation. The heal is numb from the middle- bottom of my foot, back to the vertical portion of the heal. I am told to try and walk on it, take Phyisical Therapy and it should heal. I am concerned that it still throbs as mentioned, and is still numb.Should I be more aggresive, seek further medical help, or just keep waiting for the swelling to subside. I am concerned about compartment syndrome, paralysis, and further complications. Have I waited to long already? Have I underestimated this injury or is this normal? Thanks for any information you may have,Joe Carter

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    hey how has your heel done? I crushed mine similarly in that no bones were broken, and I had no reconstructive surgury. despite no broken bones, I stil have pain under and above my heel 1.75 yrs after my accident. Mine was done landing a big air to flat on skis. didn’t even bail on the air, just stomped super hard and skied away — now this… going in for 3rd opinion in 2 days.


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