Crushed Vertabrea L1, bladder and bowel problems.

Hello,My name is Stephen Lyon, and I had an Accident at work on the 26th July 2014. There was a Fire Inspector visiting our factory, the following morning and we were told, to clean up and make sure the fire exists were clear.We came to one of the fire exits, and discovered a bailer machine was obstructing the door. The 3 of us decided, that the machine had to be moved, I was at the back of the machine, while the other 2 were positioned at the side. I noticed that there was a bar, and 2 wheels at the back of the machine. So I tilted the machine back, when the machine moved about 1 foot, the machine forced me to the floor, and landed on top of me. I suffered a burst Vertabrea L1 and 3 broken ribs, I was told by the doctors that, it was to much of a risk to operate, and that I was to bed rested for 12 weeks.They noticed on the x-rays that there was a bit of bone, protruding the spinal cord, but was told still to much of a risk to operate.After 12 weeks, I was learning to walk and to have a back brace fitted, to have this on for upto 8 weeks or so. I was let out of hospital on September 2014, I was having difficulty, passing water and bowels were either too soft or too hard, due to the medication I was taking, which is 12ml Lactulose syrup at night, 2 Senna tablets in morning and night, 1 sachet Movicol in morning, 2 suppositories Glycerin, as well as Digestomine Bromide for my bladder and Ranitidine. I am still having problems to this day, with accidents of the bowels, the doctor has suggested for me to have an operation for a colostomy bag fitted, so that I can have a near as normal life.Also I am having difficulty passing water, iretation when passing water. I have had a ultrasound scan, to look at my Kidneys and Liver, which have come back in the clear.Can you please help me, or have you any answers to my problems. It would be much appriciated, and grateful for any questions or answers.yours Gratefully,Mr S Lyon31 waverley CrescentHigh/BonnybridgeBonnybridgeStirlingshireScotlandFK4 2AX.U.K.

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    I have been to the hospital Tuesday 4th July 2016,they are going to send me for a camera to go up my sensored, to see if there are any nerval damaged related to my bladder problems, that maybe caused by the machine landing on top of me. I have spoken to a person about a colostomy operation, as he has had this done. Although he never had the problems I have, he had bowel cancer. They had to remove some of the infected bowel, then operate for a stoma/colostomy. He has said that with my bowel problems, that I should go for the colostomy, as he can still go swimming, cycling and it doesn’t stop him from going out.


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