Cuboid Bone

CAN YOU HELP> PLEASE. In December 2014 I went over on my left foot causing much pain. I went to the Doctor who said I had Gout he told me to take Indocid Tabs six a day. After one month no better getting worse, referred me to a Orthopedic Surgeon who said that I had Gout also told me to stay on the Indocid Tabs and gave me an injection in the left foot. I have now been on the Indocid Tabs for approx four months have been back and fourth to the Ortho and the Doctor and still say I have Gout I have now gone to another Ortho Surgeon who said I should have a MRI which I did and he said I have Avascular Necrosis of the Cuboid Bone. Have you got any suggestions as for a cure for this as I am nearly off my head and the pain since he operated on it had got worse not better. He operated on it about three weeks ago now and now I am on crutches and I could now wear the Air/Cam as my foot is so swollen. Can you at all help me please I am open to any suggestions at all. Thank-you and I wait to hear from you. Peta Campbell Phone 07-38214704 Brisbane Queensland Australia

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I am sorry you have this problem and I will admit it is extremely difficult to deal with. Avascular necrosis occurs when the blood supply to the bone is cut off and basically the bone dies. Depending on which bone and where it is, surgery is can be indicated. Do you know what surgery you had? Have you had a bone stimulator?


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