cuboid syndrome

I was clinically diagnosed with a subluxation of thecuboid last week. Off to the physio, who was able toshow that the bone did seem to be out of place. He wasunable to manipulate it back in, and I’m currentlywalking around with some extra padding under the rearof the arch (most uncomfortable), before going backfor another visit to the physio in a week or so.Any other advice as to what I could do to speed theprocess? The injury has prevented me from running forabout 7 weeks now.
I think the injury occurred during a hard bike ride.Could this have anything to do with the fact that Irun in orthotics, but there is no such extra supportfor the arch in riding shoes?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Yes it is possible, but I would need to see your foot, your orthotics and both running and biking shoes to be sure. Having said all that, I must confess manipulating a cuboid can be frustrating. Sometimes, if the patient comes in soon after the bone goes out, it is much easier to pop back in. Other times I can budge it for anything. This is the technique I use. It is not easy to do on yourself.A. Cuboid whip1. Purpose to move the cuboid superiorlya. tends to reduce excessive supinationb. reduces friction between cuboid and peroneus longus in supinated foot.2. Technique a. grasp cuboid with thumbs below cuboidb. with quick downward whipping motion push cuboid dorsally. Good luck


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