cuboid-5th metatarsal pain

I have left lateral foot pain, insidious onset ~ 1 month ago. The cuboid-tarsal joint of the 5th metatarsal is mildly tender and occasionally I notice it when walking.
It is acutely sharp with inversion and passive plantar flexion of the foot.
There is no swelling or buising.
I will also notice it when using my left foot to untuck the covers from our bed at night.
I typically suffer from ‘stubnate-nocturnum’ (stubbing your foot in the night) into various mobile and non-mobile objects.
I can squat, walk normally, perform repeated heel raises, hop on one foot and other than mild tenderness and the sharp pain as described above, I have no complaint.
My guess is a cuboid subluxation or a stress fracture of the 5th TMT.
I should probably just get it looked at and stop self diagnosising (I’m an outpatient ortho PT).
Any input is welcome.
Thanks much.Ryan S. Gephart, PT, CSCS

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Your observations sound right on. A subluxed cuboid is a distinct possibility. This is not easy to show up on x-ray. I diagnose these clinically. Usually manipulation helps along with taping. Sometimes I will immobilize in a cast boot.


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