Custom Ortho shoes

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Left leg 2 1/2 inches shorter than right. Foot/ankle fused completely, no motion. Foot size about 4 1/2. Heavilly scarred on top, but ok on bottom. Is traditional, i.e. leather upper with leather sole and rubber heel. Use high top but no brace. Internal cork build up. steel in shoe bottom. Shoe about 1 1/2 inches longer than foot.Right foot, also injusre but somewhat flexible ankle, normal oxford – again traditional sole and heel.Have been made for 50 years by individual shoe makers, bow all deceased. Any suggestions as to source for similar product? Am in AZ. Thanks for any information. K Barker

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    my son aged 14 shattered his clavical in 4 pieces two weeks ago he has had a brace on since the injury and the surgeon wants to give it time to see if the bones will heal on their own–currently the bones is still protruding above the skin and the pieces on the x-ray show the bones are not aligned properly. the surgeon does not feel surgery is required to align the bones together but I don’t see how they will otherwise? help–p.s my son injured his colar bone playing hockey and is playing in a competitive league and is hoping to make a career out of playing some day


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