cyatic nerve pain

I run a lot. Fellow runners have told me the pain I’m having sounds like cyatic nerve pain. Do you think I could do the exercises they have told me they did and lay off the running for awhile, the pain would go away, or should I go to a Nuerologist or Chiropractor right away? The pain has just recently gotten worse. Only hurts bad, when running. Goes up back of my leg into my left glute.
Is cyatic nerve pain a disease or an injury? Thanks

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    It can be an injury or a cyst or tumor or a bone spur. Either something is pushing on the nerve causing the pain to radiate or the nerve can become inflamed. The majority of the time it’s an injury. I had my disc become damaged from lifting something heavy and then the chiropractor caused my damaged disc severe damage. It would be best to follow the doctors orders in laying off the running for a while and see if it goes away. If not then you need to have an MRI done so they can see what is causing the nerve to be pinched and cause you pain.


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