cyatic nerves

Hi,my name is erin and my mother has had a pain in her left leg for 1 month now, she says it numbs her left foot and it is in her butt too,the doctor says it could be her cyatic nerve and he gave her some pain pills all different kinds and nothin is helping,yesterday it was so bad she could not walk and we had to take her to the hospital,the doctor at the hospital gave her demerol in her hip and sent her home,this has been going on now for 4 weeks and it doesn’t seem like it is getting any better I was wondering if you could give an idea of what it could be,couse everyone else does not seem to know,… Thank you very much, erin,winnipeg,manitoba,canada

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    hi I was wondering if your problem is due to a hearniated disc in your back. my wife is having the same problem as your describing. we have been thru the pain pills also with no help.


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