Cyatica Nerve pain in right sensoredock and leg.

I have what I believe to be Cyatic nerve damage in my left buttock that travels down to my calf and ankle. It is extremely painful, and my question is, “can I do anything at home to help relieve the pain until my next Dr.s appointment”?

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    There is a stretch you can do to help alleviate some discomfort till you next appt. If you lie down on the floor (if the pain is real bad, make sure someone is there for you to help you back up)…cross your right leg on top of your left knee..the outside of your right ankle should lie on top of your left knee. Take your right hand and push the inside portion of the front of your leg out… There are people whose muscles are so tight or their sciatic nerve is so taught that they can only get to the cross over and forget about the push.Another thing, you can have your spouse help you with this one. Lay down on a bed face down. Have her put her elbow right at your SI joint…..the dimple right above the buttuck. Just have her press down with her elbow at this point…not too much pressure though….then take the leg and have her bend it back at the knee….look at it as trying to touch your heel to your butt. You may not get that far….this is a great stretch for the sciatic.. Hope this helps


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