Cycling injury quadriceps(vastus medialis)

Hi all, I am an amateur road cyclists with 3 years/seasons and about 12,000 miles behind me. I have developed a burning/painful sensation in my quadricep when cycling. More specifically the vastus medialis muscle. I get a hot burning sensation in the medialis when training. It will not appear if I am riding a slow/short recovery ride, but will become more noticable at high speeds usually found in group rides and training. The burning can be immediately triggered if I stand out of the saddle, which allows a greater application of force to the medialis. The burning mostly occurs with higher force pedaling, but will also occur with high cadence pedaling, over 100rpms for long periods of time. Long warmups tend to supress the problem, but will eventually appear if I ride long enough or hard enough. I have NO need pain and no pain in other muscles. The problem has been occuring for a few months. A few weeks of slow riding helped greatly to reduce its occurance, but it seems to always come back when I get back up to training speeds again. Thanks for your patience, and now for the question. Assuming that I have the correct location of the problem, What exactly has happened to the muscle and what is the best therapy for recovery?

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