Damaged nerves

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hi everyone

Three weeks ago i went over the top exercising. I was doing exercises in an inverted position – hanging from my ankles. I continued til my feet went numb (since the pressure from hanging was on my ankles) and whilst the feeling came back to most of my feet, there remains an area across the top of my big toe and in a line to the ankle where the feeling didnt fully return. It hasnt got any worse over the last three weeks, but neither does it seem to have got any better.

Can damaged nerves be repaired? – If so how long is it likely to take?
Are there any remedies i should look into? Any nutrients etc that can help, or anything else?

thanks very much, david

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    This goes back a little, but superficial nerves can regenerate from about 3 to 6 weeks. Of course, staying away from tight shoes that crosses the top of your foot is also helpful. And I suppose you’ve have already sold your hanging boots!


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    thanks very much for that Major Doc – very useful and it sounds promising too.

    I had a look at your website – i couldnt find a contact email address.

    You say that the nerves can heal – is there any way of determining whether they will heal? Also is there anything i can do to maximise the chances / assist the healing process.

    Thanks for any advice you might be able to offer, David


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    Superficial nerves along the foot can heal. It sounds like the pressure of hanging may have caused a neuropraxia to the superficial nerves along the top of the foot. The nerve to the top area of the big toe comes from the medial superficial cutaneous nerve, and this feeling may return with time. If you have any other questions about foot problems, visit our site at


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