deep bruises and pain won’t go away

I haven’t been able to seem to shake my problem with my feet and leg. A year ago I fell and I twisted my ankle and wore a brace, then during the last summer I got Blood poisiong from a blister on toe on the same leg I had twisted. Now 2 months ago I fell and landed on the same leg, my left leg.
The bruises are still there and the pain now has left me with a numbing and tingly feeling from my brusies to the bottom of my foot where its swollen and red and I can’t put my full body weight on it. My heal is always in pain no matter with ice and heat packs or nicely soled shoes or bare.
When I get up I can’t walk on my foot and It’s becoming un bareable.
I worry about deep blood clots or a break that my previous doctor didn’t notice and hasn’t healed and now with all these other injuries I can’t find relief.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I recommend a MRI for starters. Other tests may also be indicated after that. More information is needed. Good luck.


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