Deep chest pressure/clicking upon movements

For the past few months i have had a nightmare with my left side chest. I think ive torn or ripped something deep in my chest directly above the nipple area and the pressure is worsening the more i try and do physical activities. It all started with a slight pressure on my left lung/rib wall which gradually became unbearable 8 months ago, i think it started when i was weight training and had just incorporated dumbell flyes into my routine! I remember the first time i used that exercise and went home i suddenly had an uneasy feeling deep in my left side chest and was shifting around (as you do) to see if i could figure out exactly where and what it was. Then something clicked/snapped as i leaned back and to the left and the pressure dissapeared. Ever since then after training upper body the same thing would happen and i again would click/snap the pressure away but it gradually got worse until one night i did it and had a severe panic attack(my first ever one so you could say it was severe) and was rushed to hospital.Ever since then i have had constant pressure in my chest against my left lung but all x-rays have shown is some inflammation but apparently nothing serious, i cant remember how many different types of anti-inflammatries i have tried but nothing has relieved me of this pressure and i have not worked now for months as movement makes it worse, and if that isnt enough to worry about i now have clcking/grinding going on in and around my left side shoulder blade.Its almost as though its sticking or grinding out on the ribs as i move my arm etc and i keep getting strange shaped painful lumps appear on my ribs around the shoulder blade which are aggrevated by its movement.Your probably thinking why dont you go and see someone about it but i cant afford to go private and my doctors put me on a 4 month waiting list to see a rheumatologist who i know will just put me on more A-I`s as that is the way the NHS works in this country.

Any one know what is wrong with me?
Maybe this is happening or happened to you?


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