Deep compartment syndrome

I am wondering if anyone can help me with some info about deep compartment syndrome of the calf. I have been told that i would need to be operated on if i cannot get it under control. Please help!


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    Compartment syndorme is a condition that is caused by an too much pressure building up in one or more of the “compartments” of your lower leg. Your muscles are contained in a sort of sac. When the muscle becomes too large or excess blood accumulates because of overuse or a direct blow, compartment syndorme results. This condition may require surgery, especially if it results from a direct blow, to release the excess fluids that have accumulated in the compartment. This is done by simply making a cut in the compartment sac and letting the fluids drain. However, it is also possible to need surgery for chronic compartment syndrom if the pain is not improved by RICE.

    Hope this helps!



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