Did I ruin my surgery?

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A week ago, I had bunions and tailors’ bunions removed from both feet…..amazingly, I have had really no pain…just mild discomfort…but have kept on my pain meds.
I was given Vicoden 500mg, but quickly started cutting those in half and extending the dose period, because of my lack of any real pain. He inserted pins which will disolve and I was bandaged with big (I think “pressure”)bandages and given big velcro shoes to wear to walk in. I was told I could walk to the bathroom with a walker. For any other activities, I use a wheel chair. That first night, not realizing then that my pain would be so minimal, I had taken a full dose of Vicoden. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom ..about 10-12 steps one way… and while sitting there in my stupor, looked down and realized I had not put on my velcro shoes!
Although I felt no pain or that anything was wrong, I was almost hysterical and literally crawled back to the bed, whimpering and cussing the whole way! Today, I was in for a bandage change and X-rays..3 of each foot. I told him of the incident and he and the nurses told me that patients forget their shoes often.
One of the pictures of the little toe area of my left foot showed a ever-so-slight misalignment of that long bone that meets the toe joint.
Of, course, this was my greatest fear and I was getting very upset, but my doctor assured me that bones have amazing healing powers and often very small things can heal on their own..and basically, it was too early to worry about it. Easier said than done….
I tend to be a worrier..especially since my feet are my livlihood..
I cannot do my job at a desk. I was wondering if he were just trying to calm me and get the other 3 places healed before addressing this. So my questions are…did I totally ruin this part of my surgery? And if I did, can this type of thing really heal properly spontaneously or will only surgery fix it?…and what are the chances of it becomming necrotic if left alone? Is that a real concern?A career and lots of money are riding on the outcome of this surgery. This was not a vanity surgery. And now, I never remove the shoes, even when I sleep for fear of doing it again.
I must say, the other 3 areas look beautiful!
Thank you for your time and attention.

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    Certainly, the treatments so far have been comprehensive. It is difficult to even suggest a diagnosis, since I have not examined you but one of the things I would consider would be Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. A neurologist might be a good choice to do an EMG. Some of the symptoms you describe sound like Tarsal Tunnel syndrome.


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