disk desiccation at L4 and L5 and S1..

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march of 2013 had mild disk bulge at L4 and L5 and S1. and lower lumbar scoliosis. don’t in denver co.. now back in michigan and had another Mri don’t in march of 2017, and this one showed no disk bulges but showed disk desiccation at L4and L5 and S1. what does this mean. I have seen my spine and saw the curviture but this one done in michigan didn’t show that. just a bit confused. Still have contant pain in the lower lumbar region.. thanks so much..



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    It means your discs are losing water. Basically they are drying out and degenerating. Best see a chiropractor soon.


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    summer of 2017 bent over and experienced a loud snap on right lower back. SI joint. I had a lot of pain but eventually dimished and I was able to go back to work and regular activities. 2018 jan. I had another experience with the same problem. My doctor gave me votlaren T#3 for pain. here is it the middle of february and it is back with a vengance. I can barely manage if it happens at work. I stayed home today, ice and T’#3 for pain.. Seems to be good enough to rturn to work. I will go to the doctor this week. I was interested in a chiroprator for my back. when I am sitting the pavis girddle deels very unsteady. I would also like to know about some exercises that I can do at home to strength it.


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