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My 13 yo son dislocated his L elbow plalying football 8 weeks ago. It was very unstable in the ER,had to be reduced twice, and then had a splint put on (at 90 degrees flexion) for 10 days. Then a soft cast-type brace with “dial in” mobility was put on. At first 10 degrees was allowed for 2 weeks, then up to 20 for the next two weeks. After 2 weeks of PT, he still has 20 degrees to go each way. The MD was concerned at the apt 2 days ago, saying that we hope to get full ROM and may need to do some manipulation under anaesthesia in 4 weeks if there is not dramatic improvemnt. Question–is there a possiblity that he may NOT recover completely, we are listening and doing what the pros tells us to do. But now we are a bit nervous since the MD is concerned.

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    Terry Robinson PT

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    It may easily take 4 to 6 more weeks to get full range of motion. Flexion/Bending usually gets full first, then extension or straightening. The therapist should have showed him some home exercises which he needs to be real consisant with. With how unstable it was, it is actually good that it is taking a bit longer to get full range of motion as this will make the elbow more stable in the future.


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