Dislocated Elbow

Earlier this week my son, who is 17, dislocated his elbow.
The E.R. staff was unable to do it after three unsuccessful tries. So he had to go into O.R. to get the elbow put back into place under 100% anesthesia.
His arm/elbow was placed in an open splint (top and bottom) and then wrapped.
He’s been taking Motrin for swelling and icing the elbow several times a day for approx. 20 minutes each time. After a couple of days of complete rest (and NOW having the understanding of what it’s like not having all your limbs), he’s thinking of trying to come back to wrestle before the season is over.
The season ends in about nine weeks.
Hence, my dilemma is it possible to come back from an elbow dislocation within nine weeks.
I won’t allow him to walk onto the mat if I know for certain he isn’t 100%.
His take on it is this it’s his last year wrestling at the High School level and he wants to leave his mark. Another reason is that last year was a total loss because of severe bronchitis.
So to him (mentally), he has zero luck.Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,Concerned Dad

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    My daughter dislocated her elbow in gymnastics about one mo. ago
    She is entering her Junior year in High School and looking at a full scholarship to collage by wasy of her gymnastics. Can we expect a full recovery in time from this injury. The elbow was put back in place in the E.R. and was initaly casted for two weeks and in now in a splint first set at a 90 degree angle now is almost at full extention. She is currently undergoing P.T. but we are wondering what to expect in the way oflong term results.


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