Dislocated foot

My daughter a week and a half a ago jumped in a holeand dislocated her foot her toes were straight up.
I took her to the doctor and had it xrayed he said nothing was broken. Just to stay off of it until she felt she could walk on it again. It will be 2 weeks in 3 more days and it is still swelled tight and she has a dip in the bottom of her foot. I am really not sure what to do should I just wait and hope it gets bettersoon or should I take her to a specialist? She is a Gymnast and I want it to heal right. Any imformation would help.
Thanks Dana

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    By all means, take her to a specialist. If she is a child, it is likely her growth plates could have been affected. We ALWAYS take comparison X-rays of the other non injured foot. Very often the E.R. does not. Was she non weight bearing or in a cast brace? Has she been using ice and elevation along with compression?You should do this soon, so you can get answers to your concerns. Good luck.


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