Dislocated Knee-Cap

My knee popped out 2 years ago and I didn’t “treat” it. I was outside and it just popped. The next day I went to the doctor and he gave me an immobilizer. Will I need surgery after the 3 weeks I have this thing on?

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    when you say ‘popped’ do you mean made a noise or actually dislocated to the outside direction of the leg? I’ve had both my knees dislocate, or ‘pop’ out at least twice on each knee. It started when I was 13, now I’m 25. I’ve just been to my new ortho doc today and he said that mine are bad enough that I need the Fulkerson, and Lateral release surgeries. I would suggest that you visit an orthopedic surgeon, they perform very thorough exams and also possible x-rays of the knees. Surgery depends on the degree of your knees, how much pain they cause you, and your willingness to ‘deal’ with the dislocation. I’m fed up with mine dislocating, but very scared of my impending surgery. Good luck!!


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