Dislocated Shoulder

I have previously separated my left shoulder twice and had 3-4 partial dislocates over the past 6 years. Each time I went to the doctor (didn’t go every time) I was just told to rehab it. Last Friday, I was boxing in a sparring match and had a minor dislocate, it went right back in place with minimal pain so I continued.
Ten minutes later while throwing a left hook, I had a full dislocate that required my trainer to pop it back into place.
I have full mobility and just a small “pinching” pain in my shoulder.
Since the pain is minimal should I rehab like I have previously or is it time for an xray/MRI?

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    May PT

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    What kind of trainer would let you continue to box after a shoulder dislocation??????? Stop boxing! Give it a rest for 4-6 weeks..sorry. Maybe that’s why you’ve dislocated so often, that you went back to boxing too soon.


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