Dislocated Talas/failed fusion of ankle

I was in a bad car accident 2 years ago and I broke/crushed my fiblia and dislocated my talas bone. After a year in Physio therapy I went through alot of tests like CT scans, Bone scans, tomograms, and they injected freezing in my joint.
They came to the conclusion that they will have to do a sub-talar fusion of my right ankle.
I had that done in Jan 2011.
I also had a 6 inch metal plate on my fiblia.
Then in July I had all the metal removed. Just recently I found out that the fusion did not take.
I am now scheduled for surgery in Dec. Do second attemps of fusion work? The sureon told me that he was not putting any screws in this time and that he is rotating the joint??? DOes this make sence??? Any help you can give I would appreciate. Thanks

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    My daughter has the following: a 2 cm Osteo Condro Leision of the Talas on her right ankle. I am wondering what is next if physical therapy and the swede’o ankle brace does not help. Would surgery be a wise thing for her? This seems to be an old injury that went un-detected or diagnosed as a sprain.Please respond 🙂


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