Dislocations of shoulder

I am currently 43, when I was 17 I dislocated left shoulder in a bike wreck.
The ball part of the shoulder joint was clearly visible on my back.
I was put under during the repair job. No surgery no PT as I remember when I woke up I was fine other than some limited movement.
I did not stay immobilized at all simply went on with life with little problem. For the most part regained all use of the shoulder other than as I got older it would ache at night.4 days ago while water skiing I dislocated the same shoulder, it was extremely painful ends up the ball part of the joint was down and under my arm pit. Almost 3 hours passed before they put me under and repositioned the joint.
The doc sent me home in a sling but it is very painful to leave the arm in a same position for long periods.
I am almost pain free if I leave the arm out of the sling letting it hang while walking and propping it up while driving or working at the deck. Once propped up on the deck I can type 2 handed as well as ever.Am I screwing up moving my around? At night after about 3 hours of sleep I wake in pain and have to get up and move my shoulder around a while, the pain subsides and I can get another 2 to 3 hours before repeating the procedure.

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    You can do anything that is not causing pain while doing it, or soo after. If it hurts, you are likely causeing some impingement of your rotator cuff. Generally after this type of injury, some range of motion and rotator cuff exercises are very beneficial to allow a normal, safe recovery.


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