distal bicept tendon

I injured my distal bicept tendon (I believe) by kayaking too long and too hard.
I reinjured it by carrying two good sized Orff xylophone instruments for a friend about a month later.
I thought it was pretty well healed from the kayaking a day or two before the carrying the instruments and tested its strength when I did nine pull-ups without any noticeable pain.
Though the instruments were carried about 4 weeks ago I still have some aching with the arm.
If I’m careful and use the arm very gingerly, the aching seems to be going away.
I used the arm yesterday (not strenuously) and the aching seems to have returned but not severely.
Should I get it MRI’d to be on the safe side? Thanks

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    in a play off hockey game I ripped my bicep on my left arm. I have had it reattached two weeks ago. my question is how long do I have to wait until I can resume my normal activities, I water ski and I’m in the construction business.


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