Distance runner lateral hip pain

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I am a distance runner who is having chronic pain in the lateral hip area, slightly below the bony protrusion of the right hip and a bit posterior.

the pain started 4 years ago when i increased my mileage entirely too fast and added a lot of hill running. as a result, the pain started.

i’ve been to several doctors and have tried icing, heating, stretching, resting, new shoes, orthodics, IBU, electrical stimulus therapy, and nothing seems to be working.

my mileage has been very low since the injury and i’m desperate for advice.

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    From clinical experience, runners who increase mileage/pace too quickly and additionally increasing hill sections to their routes develop problems with their glutes, ITB and tensor fascia latae muscles. Find a GOOD professsional who is skilled in manual therapy – you need to use active-isolated stretching, muscle energy techniques to address a hitch in the firing sequence of muscles during the hip extension phase of the running gait, and probably some work to correct a proprioceptive glitch – some balance work should sort that. Hope this helps.


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    After posting my own hip injury message, I read yours, and it looks very similar. My pain is on the outside, close to the surface, and not in the hip joint. It is very close to being directly on top of the bony hip proturbence.

    I don’t see that you received any reply on this forum. If you have recieved any helpful advice elsewhere, I would appreciate hearing it.



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