Does a broken toe have to hurt?

About 4 days ago, while going up a concrete step/stoop, I accidentaly smacked all my toes into the step.
The pain was very bad, and my second toe, which is the longest of all, hurt the worst and began bleeding near the toe.
I got help getting to a seat and applied ice, which made the pain worse. the wound was cleaned and antibiotic cream and two band aids were applied.
There was slight bleeding the next day, but no pain, so I managed to get a loose fitting shoe on, and went out.
After a short while of walking, my whole foot began to hurt.
I have tried to stay off it for the past few days.
There has been some tingling in my toe and foot, also throbing, but no bruising.
My toe looks different then the same non-injured toe on opposite foot.
The injured one points to the right and looks like it has an arch in it, and does not seem to rest on the floor when I have my foot flat.
There is little to no pain, so I doubt it is broken, but would like to know why it looks different than it used to. I have taped the injured toe to another.
My doctor said they would order an x-ray, but nothing other than taping can be done.


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