Does anyone have any idea whats wrong?

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A couple weeks ago I noticed that my heal was bothering me…I just figured it since it wasn’t that bad, that it would go away. But it didn’t. It kinda felt like a slight sharp pain in my heal and ankle. I play soccer and I have been playing on it, and it didn’t really bother me. Well on sunday I woke up and it was really hurting bad. I went to my game and I started limping and I have been since. Today at practice i noticed the pain isn’t in my ankle but the pain starts at my heal and goes up. its kind of stiff and has sharp pain when i walk, run or put pressure on it.
Does anyone have any idea whats wrong with me? If you do, what am i supposed to do to get it better?

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    Play football myself and was told to stop playing for a few years when I was 14 due to a similar problem. Used to play three games a week plus training on various surfaces which I was told was the cause of the problem. Sounds similar to my injury, which caused a constant dull ache around the heel, and a shooting pain up to the achilles tendon on impact with the ground. The tendon tended to be stiff for a few days after a match as well. The advice I was given was total rest (which I couldn’t face, and I’m sure you wouldn’t enjoy either). Alternatively you can wear cushioned heel inserts which helped a bit, but unfortunately the only thing that solved the problem was total rest. If anyone has any better remedies let me know, because eight years later I still experience some pain after a match, as well as shin splints which I’ve told may be linked


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    the achillies tendon joins the heel at the bottom and can be troublesome but it could be many things, like fluid caught between the tendon and the heel itself. the heel could be bruised or even trouble with the plantar at the bottom of the foot. check out this web site more and tick off the symptoms and come up with what you reckon it is, and appropriate rehab is aso given


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