Dr. Abrams are you going to answer my previous post?

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Dr Abrams,I’m new in this forum and I was wondering if I should expect an answer from you to my previous post.
If not, that’s fine, just wondering how this works.
Thanks in advance.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    As you might have noted I do not answer every post. Try to understand I do this strictly as a free service. There are many limitations to this as I can not see the person’s foot problem. People always think they can describe the problem adequately, but do not realize there are many factors and variable that go into making a diagnosis and certainly many other considerations when discussing surgery. Some posts I consider it best left alone.Specific to your concerns, I would suggest you ask other dancer friends about podiatrists who they have seen. You would want someone who understands dancers. The doctor was right. There is no guaranty with any surgery. Dance is especially traumatizing on the foot and you need as much information as possible before deciding to proceed. I am sorry I can not give you the guidance you are asking for.


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    Dr, I appreciate your answer.


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